If we are unable to see you in your home, we may offer a Telehealth consultation that still provides quality afterhours health care via video link


Dial-A-Doctor provide Telehealth services via video link for those patients unable to receive a home visit consultation.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, some symptoms will no longer be appropriate for home visit services. If you have symptoms and/or travel history that make you a probable/suspected case of COVID-19, you may be offered a video consultation.
Dial-A-Doctor has dedicated GPs to help you and your family receive after-hours healthcare still in the comfort of your own home via Telehealth.
Our Telehealth service is bulk billed for eligible patients and we are able to provide scripts and medical certificates if required.

How Telehealth Works



Use our Eligibility checker below to see if you are able to have a Telehealth consultation


Book your appointment

Download App / call our Contact Center to book your Telehealth appointment


Wait in the comfort of your own home

Wait for the doctor to contact you via phone call to let you know they are ready to start your appointment


Waiting Room

For your video consultation, you will join our virtual waiting room ready for your appointment to begin



Your consultation will begin and all notes will be sent to your regular GP


To ensure continuity of care, Telehealth services are only available to those patients that have an ongoing relationship with the attending doctor. This means you must have had a face to face appointment with your doctor in the preceding 12 months of the Telehealth appointment.

As a Medical Deputising Service, Dial-A-Doctor does not have ongoing relationships with our patients, and therefore, we have stricter eligibility on who we are able to offer Telehealth appointments to.

Am I eligible?

Dial-A-Doctor is able to provide Telehealth services for patients that are:

Under 12 months old

Located in a COVID-19 hotspot

Seen in the unsocial afterhours period (between 11pm – 7am)

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