If you do find yourself in need of our service, simply call our friendly Australian-based call centre on 1300 030 030 or book online through our webchat facility.

Your symptoms will be triaged to ensure our service is suitable and safe for you to use. We are able to attend patients with symptoms which are deemed urgent. This means symptoms that require attention that day or evening when you are unable to see your regular GP. We cannot attend emergency symptoms, and 000 should be called immediately in these instances.

Once we have successfully triaged you, we will book you an appointment with one of our teams on the road. We aim to see all patients within 3 hours of booking and will keep you updated with our expected arrival.

After hours GP

Each of our doctors is accompanied by a fully trained Doctor Assistant. The Doctor Assistant allows the doctor to focus fully on the consultation and provide you the best possible clinical care. If you are not comfortable with the Doctor Assistant being present at your consultation, please let us know.

Our doctors are able to provide starter packs of medication in case your local pharmacy is closed. We are also able to provide prescriptions where necessary.

Once your consultation is complete, we will send a detailed clinical note digitally to your regular GP the next day. This ensures continuity of care as your GP will always be the best person to provide your primary health care and will be more familiar with your past, ongoing or future health issues.

There is no out of pocket fee for our service as we are fully bulk billed and charge zero gap fee to our patients with Medicare/DVA cards.

How our Service Works

Dial-A-Doctor currently services Perth and Cairns through their trusted network of home visit doctors.
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