Dial A Doctor is the principal after-hours care provider for Hotel guests in Perth and Geraldton, servicing all hotels in our coverage area.

Whether you are travelling within Australia or visiting from overseas, we are happy to take your booking.

We  are  bulk  billed  if  you  are  the  holder  of  an  Australian  Medicare  Card,  DVA  Card or have  Overseas Student Health Cover, otherwise, a fee will apply which you may be able to claim back later through your Travel Insurance. Please discuss with our friendly Contact Centre staff when making your booking.

Rather than waiting in an impersonal, hectic hospital emergency room, why not book with us and have the reassurance of starting your recovery from your comfortable bed with hotel  facilities  knowing  that one of our medical teams are on their way.

Our fully  qualified  home  doctors  are  happy  to  assess  and  treat  many  common  injuries  or  illnesses  and sometimes it is just the reassurance you need.   They carry a variety of common medications to get you started and can write you a script if needed.

If our doctor feels that you should be treated in hospital, they will refer you to the nearest Emergency Dept. with a letter for the treating Doctor.

Please call or have the hotel reception call our Contact Centre on 1300 030 030
to make a booking.

From 6:00 pm on weeknights

From 12 noon on Saturdays

24hours on Sundays and Public Holidays