Bulk Billing and Gap Payments in Afterhours GP Care

Here at Dial-A-Doctor, we believe healthcare should be accessible and affordable to everyone. We know that the last thing you or your family need when seeking a home visit from an after-hours GP is the thought of out of pocket costs. That’s why we are committed to not charging a gap fee on top of bulk-billed services and our OSHC patients.

What is Bulk Billing?

If you have a valid Medicare or DVA Card and access medical services in Australia, you can be offered bulking billing services. 

Bulk Billing is when your medical provider bills Medicare directly and accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for their service.  In this instance, you do not have any out of pocket expenses as Medicare will cover the whole cost of your consultation.

What is a gap payment?

A gap patient simply means you are required to pay some cash for the service when a night doctor or after-hours GP visits you at the home. 

A ‘gap’ payment is the difference between what Medicare and/or your private health fund will pay towards your treatment, and what your medical provider charges.  

Does Dial-A-Doctor charge a gap fee?

No, Dial-A-Doctor does not charge a gap fee for only afterhours consultations. We are 100% Bulk Billed.  

We also do not charge a gap fee to our OSHC patients. 

Just because a service such as Dial-A-Doctor bulk bills, it does not mean we provide a lower quality of service to our valued patients, it really reflects our values, that every Australian or visitor should have access to in-home night doctor services to ensure they have affordable after-hours care, something that Dial-A-Doctor is proud of.

Why are other after-hours services now charging a gap fee?

Many after-hours GP and night doctor services do charge gaps fees to patients by asking them for payment prior to the consultation, particularly in Perth. Unfortunately, we get asked this question a lot and we are unable to provide a reason as to why they do. 

Bulk billing